"I have focused strongly for Moor Metals to be a stable source of quality metal products for our customers. We can virtually find any type of metal product our customer needs and process them quickly. This is the way of keeping our customers satisfied."

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At Moor Metals, Customer Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal.

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Vice President Sales


“While others will try to tell you how good they are, Moor Metals, Inc wants to prove to you how good we actually are. Moor Metals Inc, where you get Moor Services”

The company founded by Mr. Paul J. Maloney has enjoyed consistent growth, a reflection on Moor Metals customers' satisfaction in regards to products and services. Mr. Maloney has decades of experience in the metals industry, having worked many years with some of the larger metal service centers in United States.

He has established a reputation well respected for his dedication to serving customers with honesty and steadfast fairness.